soozun (soozun) wrote in knitting,

Baby Cape

I'm trying to figure out how to use some wool yarn that I bought to make a knitted baby cape. So I'm looking for a pattern and/or trying to figure out how to design my own pattern. If you want to help, I searched and only found one pattern online for a knitted, hooded, baby or toddler's cape. The picture is difficult to see so I'm not sure this is something I would even want to make. My question is twofold: Does anyone know of a pattern, free or pay, for a hooded cape for babies or toddlers? I'd like something that could be used even as the infant grows older and gets in to toddlerhood.

Also, if I were to use this free pattern which states that it is done in stocking stitch (stockinette?), could I just use a different stitch pattern to make it a little more attractive? I would like to knit it all in Lion Wool in a rose color. So I know that I'll have to work with gauge, but it's ok if the hood comes out large since I want that anyhow. I'm also wondering if I could just knit a piece of fabric, then add a hood. I would have the freedom of designing it, picking the stitch pattern, use my existing yarn, and just figure out how to make the cape taper a bit from the neck, over the shoulders, and cover the front???

Thanks for any comments/advice you might be able to give. Plus, what are your thoughts on whether to make a shawl or poncho instead? I like the idea of a hooded cape because it ties on at the neck. A shawl wouldn't stay on for 2 seconds. It's just a triangular blankie to a child. But a poncho might be nice. So, poncho versus cape? I'm not sure! I just think a child in a cape is so cute, like Little Red Ridinghood. On the other hand, I'm also considering just making a baby coat, which I picture like a boxy cardigan that fits a little loose.
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