Lisa C. (poledradog) wrote in knitting,
Lisa C.

Question about copyrights

I recently made these water bottle cozies.  I did them by adapting this pattern on Knitty.

Several people have asked for my pattern.  I want to write up some instructions, but was wondering if there were any copyright issues with doing so.  I feel I've changed the pattern enough, but I'm just not sure.  Differences are:

- I wrote up my pattern to be math based, rather than number of stitch based.  I.e., figure out your gauge, figure out the size you want to make, and then plug in the numbers to figure out how many stitches to cast on, rows to knit, etc.

- My pattern is felted, but could be worked either way (just effects how you calculate your stitch gauge)

- Where the original pattern stops, mine continues the length of the bottle and is then drawn up at the bottom in a circle (no decreases or anything).

Are there any issues with my sharing this?

Also, a number of people at my kids' school have suggested that I make these up to sell at the school store.  What issues would there be with this?
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