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Knitted breasts

I didn't see this posted.. so here goes!

source: BBC News | UK

A hospital which appealed for volunteers to knit fake breasts has had offers from across the world.

The woolly breasts are used by Liverpool Women's Hospital to show new mothers how to breastfeed and how to express milk.

Kate McFadden, infant feeding co-ordinator, said the response to its appeal has been "amazing".

The knitting pattern for the breasts is being made available online for volunteers to download.

The breasts are produced in a variety of skin shades and are cheaper than sourcing latex models, which cost around £35 each.

The knitted versions are used by community midwife teams to demonstrate how milk should be expressed, particularly for premature babies being kept in hospital.

Liverpool Women's Hospital has a regional neo-natal unit and encourages mothers of premature babies to express milk to help build their babies' strength.

The appeal has also prompted publicity abroad, including in Holland.

She said: "We've taken loads of calls with offers of knitting, which is brilliant, from Scotland, England, Ireland and the USA.

"The Lactation Consultants of Great Britain are happy to put the pattern on the website for free for people to download after the weekend.

"I'm accepting all offers with open arms!"

You can find the pattern here (pdf)
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