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Really, really disgusted

Hi there. I have complained in the past on this community about the horrible service and horrible yarn I received from Mystical Creation Yarns , a dyeing company that has had a lot of negative feedback over the last few months. They sell through their website and ebay, and until recently they sold through etsy, which is where I ran into them. They made a big show of closing their etsy store a few weeks ago and I was happy to see it gone, but now this seller has popped up carrying all Mystical Creation Yarns! Just as a little proof, consider this yarn "Art Fibers" is carrying: Latte, and then look at this yarn I bought from MCY in January, Latte...they are even using the same pictures! There is no mention of Mystical Creation Yarns in the info or profile, however. I know not everyone has had a negative experience with them, but in the last few months especially there has been an upswing in  negative feedback and dissatisfaction on knitting communities and forums about their service and product, and by opening this new etsy store without mentioning they are the same people, same yarn, all the negative feedback customers were able to leave for Mystical Creation Yarns has been eliminated, wiped out, no more. That feedback should be available to everyone who thinks about ordering from them! People have a right to know to make an informed decision.

So beware, fellow etsy buyers! Art Fibers=Mystical Creation Yarns.

Here's the link to their blog post. I didn't want to copy and paste it for fear of breaking some rule about re-posting :). http://mysticalcreationyarns.blogspot.com/2007/05/speaking-out.html

Just a quick note, for clarification more than anything: I'm not saying don't buy from this seller ever. It has become clear that buying from them is a "buyer beware" situation, though, and the feedback system in place on etsy was one way people could evaluate and decide whether they wanted to risk the purchase or not. The new seller I'm warning about, whether officially associated with MCY or not, is selling their yarn exclusively without labeling it as MCY, and that is my real beef with them. I've notified etsy about the situation and hopefully they will investigate and take appropriate action. (I also got in trouble on the etsy forums for posting an "Art Fibers = Mystical Creation Yarns" post, something I didn't know I could get in trouble for doing, lol).

Note the 2nd: Spot washing doesn't equal hand washing, in my opinion. If you reallying mean spot washing, you should say as much. My hand washing involved Euclan and cool water and a little swishing :).

Note the 3rd: The yarns I had trouble with were 100% merino wool sock yarn and the rayon boucle. I have 6 skeins total between the 2 yarns, and all 6 had serious dye issues when soaked in a sink of cool water and Euclan. I posted my own feedback for the skeins when I first received them, so at the time I posted I didn't know I was going to have this issues, or I would have posted a much different evaluation of their product (only added that last part as people have gone through the feedback I left for MCY on etsy and pointed out I didn't initially leave negative feedback, which is true, because I didn't know about the dye problems at the time).
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