Georgie (mummygeorgie) wrote in knitting,

Pattern for wedding gift - not too big?

Hi knitters,

My best friend of many years is getting married in November, and I'd really like to knit her and her husband-to-be something as a gift. I thought of a special afghan or blanket, but she's Australian and he's American, they're coming back here to Australia for the wedding, but then going back to live in the US (waaahhh) for at least a couple of years, so packing a big blanket is going to wind up pretty expensive for them, I'm thinking.

I'd consider myself an advanced beginner, I have done or am willing to try most things, except lace (unless possibly a very simple one). The only reason I say this is because I have two young kids and I constantly lose track of where I'm up to even with quite simple knitting, no way could I keep track of lace.

So any ideas/patterns for what I could make as a special gift?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: pattern request
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