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For various slightly innapropriate yet highly amusing and geeky reasons, I need to knit my very best friend a red hat. And since I really do love me a fedora, I want to knit him one. This pattern has recently popped up on the community and I think it's a good place to start.

There's two things I'd like to address to make it more fedora-y. Hmm, actually, 3.

First, the brim has to dip down in the front. I suppose I can just block it like that, so unless there's a wave of comments saying that will actually make my knitting melt I think I'll be good.

Secondly, the top. I was thinking of short rows to bring the height up in the back and then do really quick decreases to make is flatter on the top. (How do I make it do the swirl thing? It's either K2Tog on round then SSK the next or something; for some reason the internet won't tell me.) What I'd really like to do though is make a little rim around the top, sort of like this -> |-| or n_n Thoughts?

And lastly, can you think of anyway to get the pinch in the front?

ETA: That's weird, what happened to the formatting?
Tags: pattern - hat
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