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increasing in moss stitch pattern

Hi all,
I'm making in the wool silk the solar mitts from the Rowan Accessories pattern book. I've gotten past the cables of the wrist area and started the moss stitch part. However, I'm having trouble with increasing while keeping in pattern. I've tried various ways to purl through front and back loop but it looks... frankly, like crap and it sets the moss pattern all wrong. I end up with doing two knits in a row or two purls in a row. And by moss stitch, I mean k1, p1 then on the next row, p1, k1. (I think it's called 'seed stitch' in the US.)

Now if I correctly remember what I read in the book, when they want you to increase, it's through front and back loops. I've tried to purl the front and knit the back, I've tried to purl through front and back, but either way, it just looks wonky to me.

I was hoping to get through a pattern for once without having to run back to the yarn shop across the river and beg for help and be shown what the heck I'm doing wrong. I also thought perhaps to enquire with the gifted folk I find here.

So, how does one increase in moss stitch when you have to do it on a 'purl' and it come out correctly?

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