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Convertible Mitten Pattern

A couple people asked for this pattern, so I thought I'd just post it here instead of responding to the comments - that way if anyone else wants it, it's free for the taking. I guess I wrote this pattern myself.. I looked high and low on the internet for a pattern like it, but couldn't find one. So I took a men's fingerless glove pattern, made it smaller and then knitted a mitten top with some ribbing on the bottom. :) It pays to be crafty, yeah?

Convertible Mittens

4 DPN - size 3
1 skein Lamb's Pride Worsted - Silver Sliver
1 skein Lamb's Pride Worsted - Kiwi
(I've also made these using just one skein of Cascade 220)
Stitch markers (optional)
Scrap yarn & darning needle
2 small buttons

Note: The color pattern is 6 rows in each color; switch when necessary.

Cast on 40 stitches; separate between 3 needles as follows: 13, 14, 13. K2 P2 for 27 rounds, alternating colors appropriately. Next round, K2 P2 for 10 sts, inc 1* continue to end of round. Change to stockinette stitch, knit 3 rounds.

Thumb Gusset - Right hand
(place marker - optional) P1, inc 1, K2, inc 1, P1 (place marker - optional), K to end of round. Knit 2 rounds, keeping P sts even. Continue this pattern (increase row + 2 even rows) until there are 18 sts between P sts. Next round, K1, place 18 sts on scrap yarn holder, cast on 3 sts, K to end of round. Knit even until desired length to bottom/beginning of fingers.

Knit 6 sts, put all but last 5 sts on another scrap yarn holder.

With first 6 sts on needle, cast on 4 sts for gusset (the space between the fingers). Join with 5 sts from back and begin rounds in Stockinette - 8 rounds; or however many to correct length for your fingers. Switch to K1P1 - 5 rounds. Bind off.

Tall Man
Pick up 7 sts from front, 6 from back, 3 from Pointer gusset Cast on 3 for gusset. Stockinette 10 rounds; 5 rounds K1P1. Bind off.

Ring Man
Pick up 6 sts from front, 5 from back, 3 from Tall Man gusset. Cast on 3 for gusset. Stockinette 8 rounds; K1P1 5 rounds. Bind off.

Pick up remaining sts from marker and 2 from Ring Man gusset. Stockinette 2 rounds; K1P1 5 rounds. Bind off.

Pick up 18 sts from marker as well as 3 from gusset (remember those 3 you cast on? Yeah, those). Stockinette 2 rounds; K1P1 5 rounds. Bind off.

Mitten Top
Cast on 40 sts. K2P2 rib 10 rows. Switch to Stockinette, knit until you reach just below the top of your ring finger. Next round, K1 K2tog* until end of round. Knit even. Next round, K2 tog across entire row. Next row, knit even. Continue to do this until you have under 7 sts; cut yarn and pull through to cinch shut. With left over yarn, before weaving it in.. create a small loop at the top of the mitten top. Paired with a small button attached to the wrist of your glove will keep your top from flopping around when not in use. Attach top to back of glove, making sure that when you do this, you're sewing the correct side down - you should be able to slip the top over the ends of your fingers after it's attached. :P Once you have the mitten top attached, place and sew the button onto the wrist of your glove.

Left Hand
When creating the thumb whole, K to last 4 sts of the round and start the [P1, inc 1, K2, inc 1, P1] pattern. When creating the rest of the fingers and picking up stitches, remember which is the back and which is the front.

If there are any questions, just let me know. I hope they turn out for you!
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