webhillary (webhill) wrote in knitting,

essential stripes

I finished a sweater for me! This sweater taught me:

(a) how long it takes me to make a top-down raglan sweater in my own size
(b) that doing that is really not that scary
(c) how to do stripes in the round without really having it look awful
(d) to read more carefully (because I did the “wrong” kind of ribbing on the sweater by accident!)

Now, here’s hoping these pics embed correctly ☺ - of course they are

essential stripes

I did the color changes under an arm, instead of running down the center of the front as specified in the pattern! ETA: that speck of green is waste yarn visible in this picture, which was taken while the sweater was in-progress. It's not in the actual FO :)


I also made my girls matching hats:

girls with hats

The sweater pattern is from knit and tonic, and the hat pattern is from cosymakes in case anyone is interested. The yarn for both was Cascade 220 in various colors. ETA: the color choice was based largely on what I had left in my stash after making a bunch of booga bags for young girls (aged 18 mos - 4 years) in their selected pinks and purples :)
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