coffegrl (coffegrl) wrote in knitting,

'standard' measurements for infant sweaters?

I am working on a BSJ right now for some friends new baby. I've decided that I really want to lengthen the sleves since the pattern as written leaves you with half or three quarter sleeves, but since the baby that will be recieving the sweater is 2000 miles away I'm unable to measure the lenght of his arms.
Does anyone know of a site that has a listing of standard measurements by size? I'm looking for a chart that would like things like chest circ, sleeve length, garment length, etc by size (like 0-3mo, 3-6mo, blah, blah)

my google foo is failing me this morning, and a quick search of the memories and tags of this community rendered me empty handed.

thanks in advance!
Tags: tips
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