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FO: Phoenix and Dragon

These were a gift for the child of some friends.
Knit in the round with yarn leftover from the Jayne Hat and a failed sweater, these two little beasties took about an hour or two each, including time for figuring out the designs. Painless.

*edited to include pattern*

My lame attempt to remember what I did...

CO 12 sts.
Join and work in the round.
Work 3 rows in 1x1 rib.
Work 10 rows in stockinette, changing color as desired.
Row 14: [k2tog, k1] repeat to end.
Row 15: [k2tog] repeat to end.
Row 16: [m1] repeat to end.
Row 17: [m1, k1] repeat to end. (back to 12 sts.)
Work 5 rows in stockinette.
Next row, k2tog around row.
Stuff head with cotton, break yarn and draw close.

Details for Phoenix:

Wings (make two):
CO 5 sts.

Working in stockinette, do a k2tog decrease on ONE SIDE ONLY to create a triangle.
Decrease down to one stitch, then break yarn and tie off.
Tie on little bits of scrap yarn to create flames.
Using a tapestry needle, sew wing to body.
Reverse decreases for second wing.

Tie on longer strands of scrap yarn at base of body.  Leaving them at different lengths helps make it look like she’s on fire!

CO 4 sts.
Work an icord, decreasing one stitch every row.
Sew beak to head.

Embroider some eyes.

Tie scraps of yarn down the back of the head to create the comb.
I used a tapestry needle to thread them into the head, then tied them off and trimmed them.

Details for Dragon:

CO 3 sts.
Working in stockinette, increase once every row on one side and AT THE SAME TIME once every OTHER row on the opposite side.
Once you’ve got 6 sts on the needle, reverse the shaping and decrease down to one stitch.
I was trying to create a diamond shape that wasn’t completely symmetrical.
For the second wing, just reverse the increases and decreases.

CO 4 sts.
Work an icord, decreasing one stitch every four rows.
When you get down to one stitch, KFBF (to make three stitches into the one on the needle).  Then decrease one stitch each row to finish off the triangle of the tail.

Snout: (I can’t really remember, I THINK this is what I did)
CO 4 sts.
Work 3 rows in stockinette.
Work one row purled on the RS to create a seam.
Work one row knit.
Work one row purled to create a second seam.
Work 3 rows in stockinette.
This should create almost a little book.
Sew snout onto the head, and sew a few stitches up the side to close the mouth a little.

Embroider the eyes and teeth.

Tie scrap bits on the wings for the claws.

Using a tapestry needle, sew a LOOSE whip stitch down the head, back and tail to create the dorsal scales.


Put on a mythological puppet show!

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