sicksickcity (sicksickcity) wrote in knitting,

Finished Cthulhu hat, and some WsIP

Finished up the Cthulhu hat (and thanks to everyone who said they liked it - I feel like a total rock star! \o/) and gifted it straightaway (after doing some rudimentary blocking on my newly-washed hair). It's a little small, which is unfortunate, but it does the trick:

Finished hat!
(Please to ignore bad lighting and messy room, thx! :-þ)

The pattern is now linked on Ravelry, and lives at sinsofthedove.

I also got sucked into the dark vortex of entrelac via the Quant gateway. I totally wasn't going to knit one, but I really wanted to try the Taos, and then miraling was making one, and I couldn't resist. And it's sooooo cute. Seriously, if you're on the fence about this pattern or entrelac in general, give it a try! There's a reason everyone and their dog is knitting one. I'm really enjoying it. I'm hoping to finish it up before the holidays, and maybe make another as well.

Making progress

Also, I jumped on the knitblog bandwagon and converted my unused blogger account into a knitting blog. You can read about my exploits at Or not. :)
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