will research for food (ak_neve) wrote in knitting,
will research for food

Lace weight doubled equals...?

My Google-fu is failing me. I'm trying to find out what yarn weights doubled become equivalent to, or close enough.

The reason I'm asking is because I've got some Alpaca Cloud coming from Knit Picks and while it's gorgeous in shawl form, I already have a shawl in this colorway going on and I'm thinking I'd like to use it doubled to make a pair of knee high socks. (Yes, I'm aware they'll likely be super warm. That's my reasoning for it.) Oh, and because Zephyr is gorgeous but only comes in lace and DK weights and I want to know what I have to do to turn it into other weights. It's like tablespoons and teaspoons to me.

If there's a magic website, please link it!

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