Me-A name I call myself (spookygrrrly) wrote in knitting,
Me-A name I call myself

Yarn Requirement Conversion Help

So if a pattern calls for 700 grams/750 meters of yarn which is more important...grams or meters?

I'm looking at using Swish Bulky which comes in 100 gram/137 yard hanks. After converting meters to yards I would need 5 hanks of yarn.

However if I'm going by grams I would need 7 hanks of yarn.

I'm looking to make a sweater so dye lot is important and want to make sure I have enough yarn. However I don't want to end up with two hanks extra either. I'm not opposed to ordering six hanks...but don't want to be one short either.

So should I follow the length requirements or the weight requirements?
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