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Several years ago I noticed a member of my knitting group was creating an infinity scarf which started in the centre and knitted round a moebius loop so that a 'row' was actually knitting on both top and bottom of the cast-on, and the scarf/cowl grew outwards from the middle.

I'd love to try this, but I'm no longer in touch with the person who made it, and I really have no idea how to search for the recipe on Ravelry.

Can anybody direct me to a pattern which works like this? It just sounds like such a fun way of knitting a figure-8 scarf.
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Finishing up the WIPs -- Helix Socks

I can't be the only knitter finishing off my WIPs in preparation for the new knitting year to come. How are you guys progressing?

My most recent finished project is this pair of Helix Socks in Onion Nettle Sock yarn. In stead of polyamide it uses nettle fibers for durability. It was my first try at some Onion yarn, and I like it!

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Sock knitting sadness question.

I just love knitted socks and have made several pairs. I have knit using pretty pricey wool sock yarn that's blended with a bit of nylon or acrylic and several of these socks now have holes in the heels after not having worn them all that much. So much heartache over so much knitting!

I admit to having been a wool snob but now that I knit mostly for babies and worry about skin sensitivity, I'm using more and more cotton and/or acrylic yarns which work up much more nicely than I thought they would.

Anyway, I've started knitting socks with acrylic yarn and they're much more durable, but I love good quality wool socks.

My question is, do any of you have a favourite wool blend sock yarn that stands up to reasonable wear? I'd like to dump money down on lovely yarn for socks every now and then but it stings to put all that time and dollars into socks that don't last very long.

Thanks in advance!
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Finished Toddler Celtic Cabled Cardi

I finished this sweet cardi today after fighting forever to assemble the sleeves but maybe sort of invented a great way to join sleeves to an armhole, which was to pick up and knit stitches around the armhole and then seam the shoulder of the sleeve using those live stitches. I Frankensteined the heck out of this pattern and like the results a lot.

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Hi Knitters!

Hi everyone, I just started a blog here, I dont know many people who knit in person so hoping to connect to people and get inspired in this way :D nice to meet everyone xx