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Please read the profile page for community guidelines

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Please read the following before joining the community.

General Information
Anyone may join; there is no need to email for permission. All members are moderated until they have successfully posted to the community following the rules below. Information about the moderation policy can be found here. Failure to follow community rules may result in posts being deleted and the poster being returned to moderated status. If your post is rejected or deleted for violating the rules, feel free to re-post or re-submit after correcting; 99% of the time, there will be no further problems.

The mods can always be contacted at knittingmods at gmail dot com. Under NO circumstances should you contact mods through their personal journals, or any other personal contacts listed therein (such as AIM screennames shown in profiles), with questions or comments about the community. USE THE E-MAIL.

Got an anecdote about this crazy knitting life? Saw Jack Bauer knitting on 24 last night? Want to chat with other knitters about family, friends, or just how frustrated you are with how tangled your yarn has gotten? Those musings belong over in knitting_chat, your virtual Stitch 'n' Bitch! Anyone is welcome to join.

Ways to search this community (recommended before posting a question):

LJSeek search
Past entries sorted by tag

Special note for the holidays: we can't give good advice about gift knitting unless you give us good information. Please see this post for more!


1. All images go behind cut tags, like so:
<lj-cut text="Description of Project"> [ your image here ] </lj-cut>

If you are using the Rich-Text editor, see FAQ #75 for instructions on how to place an lj-cut tag with that editor.

2. No crossposting between knitting and other knitting communities. Crossposts will be deleted. Examples:
Posting the same thing in knitting and your personal journal: OK.
Posting the same thing in knitting and punk_knitters: Not OK.
Posting the same thing in knitting and on Craftster: OK.
Posting the same thing in knitting and craftgrrl: OK.

This rule exists because the membership of the various knitting-related communities overlaps to a large degree; crossposting means hundreds of readers will see your post multiple times, and many will be annoyed by it. It also dilutes the value of smaller communities by making them seem like mere copies of knitting.

3. No posting copyrighted material. For our purposes, that's anything published after 1928 that hasn't specifically been released to the public domain. Examples:
Posting entire patterns that you did not personally write, even free ones: Not OK.
Posting entire patterns from old magazines or books, even out of print ones: Not OK.
Posting an excerpt from a pattern for the purpose of getting help with it: OK.
Linking to patterns: OK (and encouraged).

4. No hotlinking. (Hotlinking: displaying an online image that points back to a different domain and therefore wasting somebody's bandwidth.)

5. Debate can get quite heated in this community. Disagreements and debate are perfectly welcome in knitting; personal attacks are not. This is a discussion forum, not a soapbox for anyone who wishes to claim it.

6. To that end, you are required to allow comments on your post, and comments may not be deleted or screened.

7. No posting ads/knitting related items for sale unless you are a non-commercial venture (individual having a stash sale, for instance) AND include some other content in your post. A picture of something you knit, a question, something like that.

8. At this writing, knitting has more than 7,000 members. For the sake of the signal-to-noise ratio, we ask that you not post the following. If you do, they will be deleted:
  • Introductory posts with no other content
  • Gift exchange posts (Secret Pal, Sockapalooza)
  • Ravelry username announcements (see this post)

In addition, certain subjects have already been discussed to death, and we would rather not rehash them:
Acrylic vs Wool - or why some folks don't like knitting with acrylic
The PETA Propaganda
Can I knit, or bring my knitting needles on a plane? (Don't ask us - call your airline or the airport.)

While we respect your freedom of expression, please keep in mind that your fellow community members are of all genders, all ages, all countries, and all backgrounds, and that some may be reading LJ on computers that can be seen by passersby, bosses, co-workers, and small children. As a courtesy, we ask that you consider this when choosing the icon to accompany your posts and comments. Decisions regarding the suitability of icons are within the mods' discretion, and we expect that if we ask you nicely to change the icon associated with a post, you will do so.

9. Not exactly a rule, but highly recommended: IM-speak is hard to read, particularly for our members who are not native English speakers, and makes it likely no one will reply to your post. Please avoid it. Also, please avoid posting in alternative font styles, sizes, colors, what have you; some members may be visually impaired or otherwise have trouble reading your messages.

10. knitting, it hurts when I do this!

You've been knitting for 42 hours straight to get your Christmas presents done, and now your wrists ache. Or your thumb makes this weird clicking sound whenever you purl. Or there's this spot right between your ring and middle fingers that gets this sharp little pain when you knit with cotton. What can you do about it?

Well, sadly, we can commiserate, but we can't help. Oh sure, individual members can share what has worked for them in similar situations, but identical symptoms can be caused by very different problems, and following those suggestions could make your problem worse. If the problem is bad enough that it's worth asking 7,000+ people for help with it, you probably need to call someone who can actually help -- a doctor, a nurse, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, some sort of health care professional. We know it's not always easy to get to the doctor, and we wish it weren't so, but. . . seriously, we almost certainly can't help you.

11. If a post tells the mod team that we should feel free to delete it? We will.

Other Useful Information
How to Resize Images for Posting.
Perfect Patterns for Beginners.
Knitting Links of Interest.
Online Yarn Vendors.
Knitting Blogs with Syndication Feeds.
How to Use Google to Find Cool Stuff.
Resources for Baby Items.
Knitting needle review community.
All knitting administrative posts. Check here for clarification on and discussion of rules.

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